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י. אלוני שמאות מקרקעין

J. Aloni   Real Estate Appraisal   Founded in 1978.

The Firm of J. Aloni is a leader in its field and one of the most senior and prominent in Israel, founded in 1978 by Jeremiah Aloni, R.I.P. Since 2003 the firm has been managed by Nachum Aloni Rochberger, a real estate appraiser certified by the Real Estate Appraiser Law, registered with the “Israel Real Estate Appraisers Registry”, and a member of the Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers of Israel; Chairman of the Institute for Dispute Resolution at the Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers of Israel (2018-2020).

Additionally, our firm consists of a professional team of real estate appraisers and seasoned economists. 

The Firm’s Clients

With extensive experience spanning over years, our firm has provided clients with expertise in all sectors: private, institutional, banking system, non-banking financial systems, and the legal system. Among our clientele are: Bank HaPoalim, Bank Mizrahi, First International Bank of Israel, Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal, Bank PAGI, Bank Massad, U Bank, Mercantile Discount Bank, Union Bank of Israel, lawyers, and courts of law. A full and detailed list can be found on our “Firm Clients” page. 

Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal
Bank HaPoalim
First International Bank of Israel
Bank Mizrahi
Bank Massad
Union Bank of Israel
U Bank
Mercantile Discount Bank
י. אלוני שמאות מקרקעין

Key Areas of Expertise

We provide our clientele with comprehensive services in the field of real estate appraisal and consulting. Beginning with collateral valuations for securing credit with banks according to Standard 19, valuations for non-banking entities, valuations for zero reports and bank loans, commercial, agricultural, and private real estate valuations, improvement levies, expropriation and dissolution of partnerships, expert opinion for the court of law and commencing with valuations for public buildings and specialty real estate. 


Real Estate Valuations


Credit Encumbrance Estimate 


Appraisal Report


Improvement Levy

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